Mary Knapp

Research Scientist

Curriculum vitae

Haystack Observatory


99 Millstone Rd.
Westford, MA


GO-LoW is a NASA NIAC Phase I concept study for a constellation telescope to study the low frequency sky.  GO-LoW would be composed of thousands of small, simple "listener" nodes and a smaller number of "communication and computation" nodes (CCN) to shepherd them.  Together these spacecraft would collect low frequency radio data on our galaxy and the plasma between stars, neighboring stars and exoplanets, our own sun and solar system planets, and the Dark Ages of the universe.  This data would be collected by the CCN, processed, and then transmitted to Earth via laser link.  The Phase I report can be found in Selected publications.


Great Observatory for Long Wavelengths (GO-LoW) NIAC Phase I Final Report

Mary Knapp, Lenny Paritsky, Ekaterina Kononov, Melodie Kao



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