Mary Knapp

Research Scientist

Haystack Observatory


99 Millstone Rd.
Westford, MA

Selected publications

See CV and ORCID for a more complete list.

Demonstrating High-precision Photometry with a CubeSat: ASTERIA Observations of 55 Cancri e

Mary Knapp, Sara Seager, Brice-Olivier Demory, Akshata Krishnamurthy, Matthew W. Smith, Christopher M. Pong, Vanessa P. Bailey, Amanda Donner, Peter Di Pasquale, Brian Campuzano, Colin Smith, Jason Luu, Alessandra Babuscia, Robert L. Bocchino Jr., Jessica Loveland, Cody Colley, Tobias Gedenk, Tejas Kulkarni, Kyle Hughes, Mary White, Joel Krajewski, Lorraine Fesq

The Astronomical Journal, vol. 160(1), 2020, p. 23

Toward detection and characterization of exoplanetary magnetic fields via low frequency radio observation

Mary E. Knapp

Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science, MIT, 2018

HF Vector Sensor for Radio Astronomy: Ground Testing Results

Mary Knapp, Ryan Volz, Frank D. Lind, Frank C. Robey, Alan Fenn, Kerry Johnson, Mark Silver, Alex Morris, Sarah Klein

Proc. AIAA SPACE, 2016, p. 5498

Vector antenna and maximum likelihood imaging for radio astronomy

Mary Knapp, Frank Robey, Ryan Volz, Frank Lind, Alan Fenn, Alex Morris, Mark Silver, Sarah Klein, Sara Seager

IEEE Aerospace Conference Proceedings, 2016 Mar

SOLARA/SARA: First steps toward a space-based radio interferometry constellation

Mary Knapp

Proceedings of the 65th International Astronautical Congress (IAC), 2014

SOLARA / SARA : Solar Observing Low-frequency Array for Radio Astronomy / Separated Antennas Reconfigurable Array

Mary Knapp, Alessandra Babuscia, Rebecca Jensen-clem, Francois Martel

Rainer Sandau, Shinichi Nakasuka, Rei Kawashima, Jerry Sellers, Innovative Ideas for Micro/Nano-Satellite Missions, International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), 2013, pp. 2-15


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